12 Mommy + Son Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to spend a little one-on-one time with the little prince in your life.  Some of our contributors threw some of these ideas together and we think that if you have the opportunity this V-Day (or any day really) you should check these out!  Enjoy your little man, mommas! 

  1. Arcade: This would be fun for the both of you!  He can get you up to date with all the new games and you can show him all the games you used to love as a kid.  Pac-Man, Frogger, Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros.??  Then you play his games and he can play yours on the next date!
  2. Laser Tag: It’s an indoor activity so you don’t have to worry about the cold, but don’t worry, you’ll break a sweat running climbing the ramps and stairs around the laser tag arena!  Some laser tag places let you pick your own code names! Play on a team or play against each other! Either way, suit up, momma!  The battle is on!
  3. Bowling: Go here and see what bowling alley near you have open bowling and when and then hit the lanes!  You can make it fun by making up different rules like “Every time someone gets a strike, you have to do a silly dance” or “Whoever loses does the laundry” – make it fun and make it your own.  Who knows?  It might become a tradition!
  4. Pokemon Hunting: Even though it’s cold out, bundle up with your little man and join in the latest trend. Try a park in your area or an outdoor mall.  After your done you can grab dinner and talk about just what Pokemon Go actually is! 
  5. Batting Cages: Find one in your area that has an indoor cage and let it fly! Not only would this be a good way for you both to get some exercise, but it’s a wonderful way to combat stress!  Even if you’re horrible at it, you’ll enjoy the laughs and good times you’ll share. Some places in+around Detroit have facilities that offer more than just batting cages!  C.J. Barrymore’s is one such location! You can also check the laser tag and arcade off your date night list there!
  6. Cooking Classes: Teamwork and laughs are sure to ensue when you take your baby boy to a cooking class.  You’ll help him learn a skill that he’ll need in the future and that his future mate will truly appreciate!
  7. Stargazing: Again, it might be a little chilly outside for this one – but if you bundle up and bring blankets and hit up Starbucks on the way, you will be fine!  Check online and find a star map so you kind of have an idea of what you are looking for or forget the map and strike up a good conversation trying to figure it out on your own!
  8. Scavenger Hunts: This one you can do outdoors or in your own home! You can even do this one as a double date with another mom/son duo! Maybe at the end of the scavenger hunt you can have the ‘prize’ be something you made or bought especially for him; a cupcake or cookies to share, a new video game he’s been asking for, or an ice cream sundae. 
  9. Bookstore/Comic Book Store: If you and your son are both into comic books, this would be a great way to bond.  Think of some questions you can ask him that would help expand the conversation beyond stuff you normally talk about.  If you are not into comic books, think of some questions that you could ask him about the comics he is into so that he knows you’re eager to learn about what he likes.  If neither of you are into comic books, then head to Barnes and Noble or another general bookstore and show each other the types of books you’re into and why.  Afterward, you each pick a book to buy.  If they have a cafe, grab a book and discuss it over coffee/cocoa!
  10. Volunteer: Find a local food bank/soup kitchen or some other place in your neighborhood where you can help others!  It’s a great way to teach him compassion for others and that service to others can be very rewarding. 
  11. Video Games: If you and your son are both into video games, pull out the gaming systems, grab some snacks and get comfortable.  Set aside an entire night to go head to head at your favorite video games.  Imagine all the amazing bonding!  If you aren’t into video games but your boy is, this would be the perfect way to show him that you appreciate what he loves to do.  If it’s just the two of you, he will appreciate the fact that you’re taking the time to understand his world.
  12. Crafts: Get on Pinterest and pick a project you think he would enjoy.  Take him with you to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or any craft store and have him make some of the decisions on what kind of materials to get.  He will appreciate the fact that you wanted him to help you make some of the choices.  Make sure you find just the right spot to display the fruits of your labor!  Enjoy!

Do you have an idea for the perfect night out/in with your son?  Let us know!  We want to hear from you!



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