Celebrating the Super Mom Days

A few weeks ago, all of the stars aligned in my perfect mom sky and I had an amazing day with my boys.

From wake-up to bedtime, everything went off without a hitch. I know, even as I sit here typing about that magical, unicorn day, I can hardly believe it myself.

I woke up refreshed after a good night’s sleep. I had time to shower, do my hair, and put my face and a REAL (non-leggings) outfit on. AND GASP! I even had a hot cup of coffee in the peaceful silence of the early morning hour before the boys woke up for the day.

And that was just the beginning of this mama’s fairy tale day of feeling like SUPER MOM.

We ran errands sans meltdowns or tantrums or milk spills. We wrestled and laughed and played sans accidents or fights. We ate delicious snacks and meals sans endless whines, excuses, and complaints. We napped and slept deliriously sans dog barks, random doorbell rings, and wake ups.

super mom 2

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I mean seriously, I felt like SUPER MOM. 

I caught myself midday wanting to post something about my magical day on Facebook (and every other social media platform). But, almost instinctively I held back. I felt this sudden pang of hidden shame to not share the magic of this gloriously perfect super mom day. No one wants to see you brag. No one wants to hear about you being a super mom. And so, I patted my own back in silence, not even sharing with my husband right away about my perfect day with our kids.  

It’s so easy to share about the hard days. The words seem to fall out when I’m reliving those hard moments of mom life and parenting. It’s almost like a self-sustaining therapy and feels so cathartic for me to write about the bad days; and no lie, as a reader, I feel comforted when I hear about other moms who have the bad days or even the “JUST OK” or “average” days moreover than the amazing super mom days. Misery loves company they say and I wholeheartedly agree that when you’re in the throes of daily parenting, nothing brings more solace than to know that others are struggling, too.

But, does that mean we can’t celebrate the good days? Why is it so hard for us to share about the SUPER MOM days?

I think most moms have those days where we feel like we’ve done something right, but those days are too often celebrated alone and in silence. In the oversharing norm of our society, it’s almost always the negative stories you hear about because we’re trying to be supportive of one another on this wild ride of motherhood. To be supportive by lending a shoulder to cry on and be a nonjudgmental listener about the down days of parenting. But, support comes in all forms for everything across the parenting spectrum, right? Support means giving those high fives and cheers for a job well done. Support means saying “you’re an amazing mom” not in spite of the bad days, but because of the good days, too.

super mom

So cheers to you mamas out there having one of those magical unicorn days in parenting. You’re doing a great job mama and you ARE supermom, doing everything you do, every day. 


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  1. Sarah Fincham June 20, 2017 at 3:59 pm #

    Yes, girl. Love This! Love You!

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