5 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

It is that time of year again! Fresh off holiday parties and celebrations, it is time to dig into 2017. But where to begin? Like a lot of moms, you might be thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. But before you grab your pen and a sheet of notebook paper, you may want to consider these resolutions:

#1 Make realistic goals

Go-getter moms have a tendency to set the bar pretty high for themselves – often expecting even more of themselves than in the previous year. This is how many New Year’s resolutions are broken. Make sure that the goals you set are within your reach. Instead of trying to teach yourself yoga, maybe go to a class or two to see if you like it. Instead of buying 10 books at once, visit your local library and check one out. It’s often easier to tackle your goals one at a time rather than all at once.

#2 Learn when to say ‘no’

Many moms are supermoms. They are often the tutor, chef and chauffeur of their households. It’s easy to see how they might get burned out. So next time you’re asked to grab your cape, remember to consider your options – you don’t always have to say yes. Don’t be afraid to say no if you are feeling overwhelmed. There is nothing wrong with having a little free time in your schedule. In the end, your kids will probably appreciate the extra time they get to spend with you.

#3 Set exercise goals

No, not for you – for your children! With screen time at an all-time high, many children aren’t getting the daily physical activity recommended by physicians. While school sports are a great way to keep them active, it is important to keep in mind that organized athletics don’t appeal to everyone. If they aren’t for your child, try to brainstorm activities that are not competition-related. For example, bike rides, hiking around the neighborhood, dancing or tag. So turn off the video games, close the laptops and make it a priority to “cut the cord” and get outside at least 30 minutes a day.

#4 Start saving for college

Many parents are overwhelmed with the idea of saving for college – you may have found yourself with more questions than answers.

Michigan Education Trust (MET) is the state’s 529 prepaid tuition plan which allows for the prepurchase of undergraduate tuition for any child residing in Michigan. Parents can purchase college tuition based on today’s rates and then MET pays tuition out at the future cost when the student is ready for college. You might be thinking, will this affect what school my child can attend? The answer is no. The plan does not restrict a student’s choice in school – he or she can direct refund payments to any eligible university in the nation, including both private and public schools. Not to mention, both the total contract price and any monthly payments made are tax deductible on the purchaser’s Michigan income taxes in the year the purchases were made.

For more information, visit www.SETwithMET.com.

#5 Make family time a priority

Life can get pretty hectic. Between work, school, soccer practice, parties, playdates and field trips, families have a tendency to fall into a routine. Sadly, this often leads to little quality family time. So whether it is making it a priority to sit down for dinner every night or planning a fun weekend outing every other weekend, make time for your family because before you know it your children will be grown up with families of their own.

Detroit Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with MET to provide tips about easy New Year's Resolutions for mom.

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