14 Easy Ways to Say I Love You This Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is February 14th, the day specifically designated to share how much we care about our loved ones. But between preparing for the classroom parties on top of everyday life responsibilities sometimes we don’t have the time to come up with an elaborate way to share the love. We asked our contributors their favorite {easy} ways to show their family that they love them so that if you are reading this at breakfast, you can have something put together by school pick up time! Here are our 14 ways to say I Love You this year, without too much planning:

  1. Heart Shaped Food: You may have already missed your chance for heart shaped pancakes or a sandwich in their lunch bags, but you can still use that cookie cutter for dinner!
  2. Dip into your kids’ art stash and cut some hearts from paper and write something you love about them on them and tape them to their doors.
  3. Take a moment to sing that special song that you’ve sung to them since they were tiny to them an extra time or two today. 
  4. Bake a cake for them, go all out on sprinkles and frosting.
  5. Rent a special movie to watch before bed as a family. {Bonus Points: Stop by the dollar store to throw together a movie night package!}
  6. Send flowers to your daughter at school . . . or balloons, candy, etc!
  7. Make a beef jerky bouquet for that meat loving man in your life. 
  8. Find all the books in your house with “love” in the title and read those at bed time.
  9. Maybe you don’t have time for delivery, swing through and pick up some balloons for them to come home to.
  10. While you’re at the dollar store, buy a cheap puzzle + a picture frame. Glue the pieces around the frame {paint them red if you have a chance} and put a picture of the two of you in it.
  11. Make dinner a little fancier with a love note for each family member on their place setting, light a couple of candles–even if dinner is mac + cheese.
  12. Make a paper heart garland to hang in the house. 
  13. Put chores on hold and get down on the floor and play with them for longer than you usually would. 
  14. Soak in some extra snuggles and kisses with everyone before bed and while you’re at it tell them the things your love about them that are unique.

Have an idea not on this list, share it in the comments to help a fellow mama out!

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