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The Joy of Sisterhood!

In honor of Sisters’ Day this year, I have the pleasure of writing about the glory that is sisterhood. I like to consider myself an expert in this arena as I myself am one of four girls, my mom is one of four sisters (and a brother), and Rob and I have four daughters between us as well. We are all sisters all the time in my world. Down to watching Caroline dance to “Sister Time” as performed by the animated cast of Elena of Avalor.

With four girls under our roof, when I am clinging to my sanity by a thread, one of my greatest joys is watching them play together. And watching the babies use the power of cute to get whatever they want from their big sisters. It’s an art they perfected early and use often for extra back rubs, Goldfish, and trips down the slide. My daughter Caroline said both of her big sister’s names before she said “Mama.” And until you have seen a teenager who is normally too cool for life, rock out to the “Hot Dog Dance” to get a laugh from her baby sister, you can’t truly appreciate the power of sisters.

When I caught them playing for the first time. Of course, big sis now hides her toys from little sis, but hey, I will hold onto this moment.

My sisters and I are close. All four of us are within six years of age, which was misery-inducing for our parents, but in the end forced us to be friends. Like all siblings, we have plenty of moments when it’s not all sunshine and butterflies. In high school, I got into a knock-down, drag-out fight with Allie over a pair of American Eagle overalls, and there was a brawl between Allie and Andie that is a legend in our neighborhood, but the beauty of family is that eventually, sometimes after a series of passive-aggressive texts, we kiss and makeup.

A rare early photo of all four of us. Apparently, when you have four kids under 6, cameras are low on the priority list, amirite Mom?

As a grown up, I appreciate my sisters even more, especially as a mom of girls. It’s easy to point to role models like Malala Yousafzai and Serena Williams and overlook the ones that are right in front of us. I am fortunate because my gals only have to look to their aunts for examples.

Katie the Unabashed. One of the best qualities of my older sister Katie is that she cares not what others think. It’s refreshing. Yes, her devil-may-care attitude may cause her to engage in ill-advised Facebook debates, but she also sets an important example for my gals and her daughter, Daphne.

Allie the Adventurer. Allie graduated from high school, moved away to college, and didn’t look back. Now she lives in Spain with her husband and their twin daughters. She up and moved across the ocean. Guess who wouldn’t have done that? This lady with her arm raised. I hope my gals learn from her sense of adventure.  

Andie the Doctor. Every family has one. Ours comes in the form of my sister who has a PhD in Sociology. She started kindergarten and didn’t take a break from school for 21 years. She rode the wave of academia to a successfully defended dissertation. What example has this set for my gals? Drive. And that we properly address letters to her house as Dr. and Mr. (Sorry Uncle Eric.)


All grown up. Kind of.

I could go on and on about the strong women in my family: Nonnas, Nanas, Aunties, cousins, sisters-in-law. I know you can do the same. Each woman in your life can provide an exceptional role model for your sons and daughters. Celebrate them, especially today on Sister’s Day!

That face you make when you realize it’s staying, and you’re not ready to celebrate sisters yet.

What do you love about your sisters? Why are they important to you?

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  1. Michelle Snider August 7, 2017 at 8:34 pm #

    I wished that I had this closeness when I was raising my kids. Our religion didn’t allow it. I hate religion now and I embrace diversity. Thank you for having this blog, it lets mommies know what to search for. If you get a chance, take a look at my website/blog and see how I am helping parents and kids with birthdays and all occasions. at AT least take a peek, after all, everyone’s had a date with a dummy. LOL Thanks Michelle

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