Introducing Alicia McKay: A Harper Woods Mom

I was born in the 80s. Growing up on the east side of Detroit was a challenging yet rewarding experience. I learned to avoid danger and diffuse conflicts at the same time. I watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy every day for most of my childhood even though, I never missed an evening of playing outside. My school years were split between a public school, a gifted and talented school, and a private school. I ventured to Rice University in Houston, Texas to study sociology and I loved it! I came back home after graduating, and now I spend most of the Michigan winters reminiscing about warm Decembers.

The Shift

About 21 years ago, a mutual friend introduced me to the love of my life. I didn’t know it at the time, but he would courageously lead me through some of the most challenging moments of my life. Before the first year of marriage, I was unexpectedly kicked out of law school, due to poor academic performance. I felt lost and unsure of my purpose. During this time, something deep inside reminded me that I have always had an affinity for education, so it was an easy decision to pursue my master’s while waiting to be re-admitted to law school.

My parents often remind me of how 5 year old Alicia used to gather the kids in my neighborhood for makeshift classroom sessions in the backyard. I get so much joy from watching the light bulbs turn on in my students’ heads! After graduating with a master’s in education, I joined a charter school team as a math interventionist, but somehow the position morphed into a 7th and 8th grade math teacher position. It was hard and I felt defeated after quickly realizing that the inner-city kids needed more than I had to give emotionally and spiritually. I felt lost again.

The Breakthrough

Two years later, I returned to law school, aced every class, and then willingly dropped out before graduating. This time I was certain; I am an educator and not a lawyer. I began privately tutoring students in math subjects and standardized test prep by using non-traditional methods to reach students that have difficulties in formal education settings.

After 3 years of marriage, our first child was unexpectedly born at 32 weeks and 4 lbs. After 8 years of marriage, my only brother unexpectedly died. I quickly learned that life is not about the things that you expect to happen but rather about how you respond to the things that unexpectedly happen.

The Vision

I have declared this year to be a “walking in my purpose” year.  For the first time, I created a vision statement for my life.

“I want to create a life where I never have to worry about having enough money, I can share abundantly with others, I can be more present with my family, and I keep my body in great health!”

Through this vision statement, I can live on purpose, and be intentional with every commitment that I make. My vision statement is like a filter for every decision that I make. Does this align with my vision? “Nope, toss it,” or “Yep, it’s all good, let’s roll!”

My commitment to my vision statement guided me directly to the Detroit Moms Blog. I have always had a passion for written expression.  A few years ago, I wrote and self published my first book.  I look forward to sharing even more written art through my blog posts.

When I am not writing, I love to cook, travel, listen to music, craft, and spend time with my family. My husband is a mindfulness life coach with cerebral palsy. He connects to the disabled population through his inspiring podcast. He is an amazing supporter of my dreams and such a blessing to our family. Our son is two years old and he loves super heroes and basketball. We also have a six year old daughter who spends her free time crafting, building Lego masterpieces, and composing songs with Disney guitar accompaniments.

I am grateful for Detroit Moms Blog because I look forward to meeting new friends and exchanging stories with other moms in Metro Detroit.

Alicia Mckay's kids at DisneyAlicia McKay's kids playing legos

Alicia McKay and family Husband of Alicia McKay and daughter Alicia McKay and Brother

Introducing Alicia McKay: A Harper Woods Mom


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