Mom Brain: The Struggle is Real.

Have you ever searched frantically for your phone, only to discover that you’re actually talking on it?

Have you put something in a “special place” in order to remember its whereabouts, only to tear up your house from top to bottom searching for that very item a mere few days (or hours!) later?


Do you sometimes forget why you entered the room, even though you’re sure you had a very specific purpose only moments prior?

Perhaps you’re guilty of occasionally mixing up your children’s names, or even forgetting them at all. You might be a little unclear as to what day it is, or you may discover mid-morning that you’ve once again put your underwear on backwards or your pants (ok, leggings!) on inside out.

Does any of this sound familiar? If any of the above criteria apply, welcome to the club.

You, my friend, have Mom Brain.

Yes, it’s really a thing….at least according to the lovely ladies of Metro Detroit. And it’s something that we are all plagued by, whether we like to admit to it, or not!

I had a horrible Mom Brain moment just this week: I thought I’d be the nice mom and take my son’s forgotten library book to school. I know how much he loves getting a new book each week, and how bummed he’d be to realize that he’d left last week’s book at home. So I zipped up to school (as much as anyone carting two little kids in full snow gear can actually zip) to deliver his book. I was feeling pretty great about our little errand….until I realized that the book I brought wasn’t actually a library book. Nope. I had my son summoned out of class by the school secretary only to deliver a random book from our home book shelf. Yeah…..if that doesn’t scream EMBARRASSING, or GET IT TOGETHER MOM, I’m not sure what does. Thankfully, my son took it in stride. I don’t even want to know what the school secretary thought. She was nice enough to chuckle “with me” as I attempted to apologize while simultaneously making a hasty exit. Mom Brain strikes again!

Have you ever had a mortifying moment like this? After beating myself up about it for all of five minutes, I decided to have some fun with my faux pas by reaching out to my friends, my MOPS group, and my fellow Detroit Moms Blog Contributors: all women I highly esteem. Surely there was safety in numbers!

My girls didn’t let me down, here’s what they had to say & share:

I’ve put a baby in the tub wearing a diaper, double diapered another baby, put food in the microwave that I never ate, then wondered why I was hungry only to find it hours later, forgotten every item needed at daycare at one time or another, and more!  -Erin

I went to Target and found some major deals. I bought tubs for storage, the next stage car seat for the baby and more. I now drive a smaller car that has two car seats in the back, and my trunk was already filled with a stroller and more! As I was loading the car I realized that ‘yes I can get this junk stuffed in now, but when I pick the kids up from daycare there will be no room for them!’. Since I was only a mile from daycare and my kids needed to be picked up in 10 minutes before they closed, I had to ask the daycare to store my large purchased items. What was I thinking!!!! -Danielle

Oh and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched everywhere looking for my car keys and they are in my hand along with all the other items I’m carrying to the car. I can’t help but laugh every time! -Danielle

I have one of those keyless entry cars. On a trip running errands, I got out of the car and all the way into the store until it dawned on me that I never turned off the car. -Jessica

Right after my first was born, we took him to his first doctors visit and I forgot an extra outfit. He then proceeded to have a blowout all over the place. Thank God my mom was at our house and could rush us at new outfit. Who forgets extra clothes?? -Amber

I also put my son’s coat on yesterday and didn’t realize it until I had it half zipped. I though I just gained wayyyyy too much weight. Nope. Just in my kid’s (size 4/5) coat. -Amber

I once drove to Lexington for the day on a family outing with no formula or bottles. Had to stop at a small town grocery store and buy everything! -Kimberly

I can’t remember a lot of the first year of my kids’ lives. It’s just a sleep-deprived haze…. -Rebecca

Today I took off baby’s bunting with her sitting on top of a table and then walked away to do something else…with baby sitting upright by herself (luckily not right at the edge) -Emilie

I have (on two separate occasions) been so focused on bringing everything to the gym that I 1) locked the car keys in the house 2) got most of the way there before remembering that I forgot my gym shoes! -Emilie

How about 3 out of the 4 days this week my underwear have been inside out? Does that count as “mom brain”, lol?!?! -Elizabeth

For me – the more kids I have the worse it gets. -Elizabeth

When my daughter was about 1.5 months old, we were at a birthday party and one of the kids there asked me what her name was. It took me a good minute to remember. -Kelly

Forgetting about Preschool yoga (which is held at the library) and going to the library at the same time just to play. Oops! -Kelly

Somedays I feel like I am queen of Mom Brain -Kelly

I’m sure have had plenty of these moments but my mom brain can’t recall a single one at the moment! -Erica

Because of Mom Brain, I can’t remember anything. Aaaahhhh!!!! -Kathy

Talking to a friend on the phone while frantically searching for where the heck my phone was!! -Heather

Because of my mom/pregnancy brain I can only think of a few, although I know there are a million stories! A few that I can recall are:

  • having a really hard time telling someone my son’s birth-date when asked, for the first whole year of his life! 
  • Almost leaving the coney island restaurant without paying the bill (a pay at the cashier type place).
  • Leaving the house and not realizing I didn’t put my contacts in until I’m driving down the street and can’t see a thing! -Melissa


Have you had Mom Brain? Share you story!






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